AMR Kart Lift Tire Changer Stand

AMR Kart Lift Tire Changer Stand
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  • Item #: KLTC

The KartLift Tire Changer (formerly known as the AMR Tire Changer) provides a fast and easy way to mount and dismount kart tires from standard 5" and 6" kart rims or wheels.  No need to get on your knees or smash your knuckles changing tires anymore.  The KartLift Tire Changer makes this job fast and easy, all while standing upright.

The tool is setup for 5" hub mount rims, but can be used for 6" rims and direct spindle mount (DSM) wheels, with optional components.

Kit includes Tire Changer and Installation/Removal tool for 5" or 6" rims.  Fits most American and European kart wheels. We use this changer in our store and at the track.

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Price $295.00

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