CKR USA Official Freem K19 Kart Suit

CKR USA Official Freem K19 Kart Suit
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  • Item #: CKRUSA-K19

CKR USA Branded karting suit. Place your order here and fill out the SUIT FORM attached below. K19 is the brand new karting suit complying to the latest CIK-FIA Level 2 standard homologation. Suits are Shipped to Order. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

K19 maintains the key features of the TK114 suit: lightweight & breathable thanks to its abrasion-resistant CORDURA® fabric combined with a very soft cotton layer to guarantee both protection and comfort. The new stretch panel construction provides a more ergonomic fit which improves movement and aids driver performance. Each K19 is ICE-KEY integrated. ICE ( In Case of Emergency) allows the driver to store their medical information within the suit itself and can be scanned with a NFC technology integrated smartphone in case of emergency to reveal the drivers medical information.


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