Comer C50 Kid Kart Racing Engine - OEM or Blue Print

Comer C50 Kid Kart Racing Engine - OEM or Blue Print
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Comer C50 Kid Kart engine assy. 2 cycle engine that has 1.5hp and can reach speeds of 25-30mph on the track. For ages 5 to 8 years. Comes with the stock OEM #219 10t Clutch.

Technical Specs:
2-stroke single cylinder engine
Starter – Pull
Model – C-50
Bore – 40 mm
Stroke – 38 mm
Displacement – 48 cc
Cylinder – Chrome-plated
Ignition – Electric
Clutch – Centrifugal
Carburator – Dellorto SHA1412L Ø 14
Bell sprocket – Z-10

Legal Stock Blueprint / Dyno package;

If you want your Kid Kart to really fly, then you need to send us your motor for a full speed blueprinting service. We will take your motor completely apart, square the cylinder base to the bore, align and polish the crankshaft, replace the stock bearings with high performance dual bearings and the stock crankshaft seals with new low friction units, install new race spec piston rings, hand lap the engine cases, match the intake manifolds and muffler to the cylinder, properly jet the carburetor, install an advance timing flywheel key (if desired-depending on your tracks tech), new high compression spark plug and a whole bunch of other details to produce more power, more RPM's and less friction. The motor is then precision re-assembled to our exacting specs. We will also cc the combustion chamber to be sure that the volume set at the minimum legal limit. After reassembly your precision built engine is tested on our Precision Engine Dyno. This service includes break in, jetting changes and adjustments to get maximum power from your engine. You get the printed read out with all the crucial settings documented for your reference.  You will also get our special tuning and tip manual to help make your kart faster. Our turn around time is 7-10 days from receipt of your engine and it will be ready to ship back out.

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