KG NITRO CIK/FIA Homologated Airbox, 30mm

KG NITRO CIK/FIA Homologated Airbox, 30mm -
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  • Item #: KGNitro

Homologation 8/SA/24 (30mm inlet –   for KZ shifter and other engines)

    Design based on real tests resulting in unmatched performance at any RPM’s level

    High capacity – High quality internal filter for maximum engine protection

    High level of noise reduction vs high performance

    Dynamic or static air intake set up with rotational option

    Rain cover specifically designed and built for practicality and performance

    Highest quality and detail in design, construction and performance

Nitro comes with rain cover and quality of the components, the filter is included and most importantly the performance, while complying to CIK standards, are unequalled.

Note: eShifter Kart stocks the 30mm Nitro box for shifter karts. We can place orders for the 23mm version.

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