MRC Radiator Hose Kit, High Quality Silicone for CR125 Shifters

MRC STI Radiator hose kit 125 Shifter Kart -
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  • Item #: 030-6000C

MRC Radiator Hose Kits

Custom fitted and designed to perfectly install onto your CR125 shifter kart. Comes with everything needed! Coupler for connecting the bottom hoses, all 6 hose clamps, plus 2 special smaller hose clamps for the cylinder head. High quality, long lasting silicone.

Great Color Choices! Matches CKR, Intrepid, CRG Karts, OTK - FA Karts, Tony Kart, Praga and More! Choose from the drop down box your choice of color!

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Price $119.95

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