Mechatron F1 Style Paddle Shifter

Chrome Clutch Handle Lever Complete with Hub
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  • Item #: ME-16

The ME-Shifter F1 - known all over the world as the most functional F1 Paddle Shifting System specially developed for Karting purpose, shifting within 50 msec. Driven and recommended by the best professional drivers of the world.

The System is compatible with all KZ1 / KZ2 Karting Chassis (125cc class) and all engines with sequential gearbox (2 Stroke, 4 Stroke, also motorcycle engines up to 1200cc are supported). It comes with all necessary equipment for simple plug & play installation.

F1 feeling in your Kart - The ME-SHIFTER F1

Package consists of: Acutator unit, wire harness, ECU, mounting Kit for standard Karts (CKR, Birel, CRG, GP etc.), Shifting Paddle, Battery with holder, Battery Charger

6 months full warranty on the system (battery is excluded from warranty)

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