Motul Chain and Sprocket Cleaner / Degreaser 9.8oz

Motul Chain and Sprocket Cleaner / Degreaser 9.8oz
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A shifter karts best friend and pairs nicely with any chain lube but performs best with other Motul products. This spray on cleaner will remove encrusted dirt and sand deposits, track grim, tire rubber, oil and grease from your chain (and sprockets) to prep it for chain lube. Motul C1 Chain Clean is suitable for various types of chain. Works with any standard 428 or 415 kart chain. It evaporates quickly and has a chlorine free formula. Ensure fresh applications of chain lube to provide optimum coverage and protection. Black, 400 ml Aerosol and Net 13.5oz/Fluid 9.8oz.

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