New-Line Racing BIG Series Radiator 17x12x2

125 Shifter Kart - Radiator New-Line Racing Big Series Radiator 17x12x2
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  • Item #: Cod-Big

Big Series comes complete with radiator, colored aluminum mounting brackets, deflector, over flow bottle and cap.

One of New-Line's premium models, the BIG made its debut in 2005. As its name suggests, it was developed as the "big brother" version of the model that came before it (the RS) with a specific goal: cater to the hottest months and regions of the racing season.

The BIG is precisely that: it is big; actually, it is the biggest of all New-Line main radiators (with a record-setting width of 29 cm). Guaranteeing ultra strong cooling action, it is ideal for racing in the thick of summer heat. Initially targeted only to shifter categories (when it was launched shift-gear karts ran exclusively on 100cc engines that did not suffer from temperature issues), today the Big radiator is perfect for all karting categories, from the power-charged KZ classes to non-shifters – so long as the sun is blazing.

Like all New-Line radiators, the BIG is made of a composite aluminum alloy that makes it extremely resistant to elevated temperatures. And it comes complete with two optional support radiators (the Supplementary and the Hobby) for an extra efficiency boost when the heat on track starts to rise.

Material: triple aluminum alloy
Measurements: width 29 cm, height 44 cm, depth 5 cm
Comparison: the BIG is the "big brother" evolution of the RS: same design and functional process, but extra-large and ultra-efficient – ideal for the hottest of trackS.

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