New-Line Radiator CKR USA Choice Kit BIG-Series Double

New-Line Radiator | CKR USA Choice Kit 17x12x2
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  • Item #: Cod-CKRBlue

CKR USA Radiator Kit, team choice for racing - with blue aluminum mounting brackets, over flow bottle and blue cap and deflector. This radiator arrives fully polished.

The BIG Double is identical to the New-Line’s top of the line model (the BIG) except for the additional cooling water hose.

New-Line Radiators are proudly made in Italy and produce some of the best karting components along with a premier line of radiators for all of your cooling needs. We are a North American distributor and offer a full line of products. 

Material: triple aluminum alloy
Measurements: width 29 cm, height 44 cm, depth 5 cm

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Price $824.95

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