REGINA Super Moto 428 X 60 Gold and Black Kart Chain 125 Shifter Kart REGINA 428 X 60 Gold and Black Kart Chain
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  • Item #: RC126RX60

Regina chain is constantly technically updated to ensure the highest standard of strength and wear resistance required in any application.

All Regina Professional chains use extended curl-formed bushings, shot-peened solid rollers, and steel plates for increased fatigue resistance. Pre-stretched. ”Gold” outer plates

428 RX3 chains: featuring the special “X” chromized pins and linkplates with special bevel that provides sure engagement with the sprockets even in the most difficult conditions, such as in off-road use.

Reinforced Regina chains are designed and developed to withstand the severe stress caused by Shifter Karts.

Increased diameter pins, in alloy steel, thicker plates, extended curl-formed bushed, solid rollers. Pre-stretched “Gold” outer plates.

Regina chains have high carbon alloy steel pins, solid bushings and rollers, shot peening of plates and rollers for increased fatigue resistance.

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