Wiseco 793M05400 RS 125 '95 & Up Piston Kit

Wiseco 793M05400 RS 125 '95 & Up Piston Kit
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  • Item #: 793M05400

Domed top piston for MOD CR125 engines. Lightweight forging for instant throttle response and maximum torque. Computer engineered piston skirt profiles provide minimal cylinder wall friction Anti-detonation grooves and new ring land diameter eliminates ring blow-by while maximizing engine performance.

  • All wiseco piston kits come complete with piston rings, piston pin, and circlip.
  • Cnc machined for high precision and tight tolerances.
  • Optimized piston shape and profile for top performance.
  • Forged from high silicone aerospace quality aluminum alloy.
  • Ultimate strength, durability and toughness for high performance and long life.

Wiseco high performance forged pistons are designed from over 70 years of experience in all racing and riding conditions, to provide your engine with the best performance, durability, and long service life. All Wiseco pistons and components are optimized for your vehicle to get the most value for your money. Look to Wiseco for all of your performance needs.

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