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Competitive Kart Racing (CKR) - Always Competitive

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Competitive Kart Racing (CKR) was born in early 2000, at first as an official racing team and division of a famous karting company, and from 2005 also as a chassis builder.

This last step was undertaken to transform a production concept of high technology and quality into a racing reality.

From this idea the “CKR” brand was born under which the company assembles its chassis. Combining the latest designs and technology CKR produces advanced products while still being able to offer excellent prices. Made with VEN05 and new VEN11 Brake systems and controlled materials CKR ensures the highest standards of production while maintaining consistent quality across its range of offerings. As seen on TV at SKUSA Pro Tour and all around the world these karts perform at the top level.

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 We are the Northwest dealer for CKR USA. These karts provide a proven platform for any driver to improve their racing. With frames made in Italy and components such as VEN11 braking systems produced at a world renowned kart manufacturer, and Sniper Caster/Camber alignment standard, the CKR is a front runner ... right out of the box.   

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