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Chassis Brands

Competitive Kart Racing (CKR)

Northwest Dealer

We are the Northwest dealer for CKR USA. These karts provide a proven platform for any driver to improve their racing. With frames made in Italy and components such as VEN05 braking systems produced at a world renowned kart manufacturer, and Sniper Caster/Camber alignment standard, the CKR is a front runner ... right out of the box. 

CRG Chassis - World Title KZ

Northwest Dealer

CRG is a world-wide leading company in karting. Its history is filled with sportive and commercial success featuring countless victories obtained on the circuits all over the world starting from the 70s. CRG has always been at the highest levels for technical and sportive experience on the International Karting scene. CRG chassis have been chosen world-wide by drivers and have allowed a lot of them to get the success they were hunting for to continue their career all the way to Formula 1.

Tony Kart and OTK Kart Group

Northwest Dealer

Tony Kart is the flagship of OTK Kart Group , the leading Italian company in the karting industry. It is a brand that was born in the 60s and develops in parallel to the same discipline as karting, in Italy first, in the world then. 

The biggest turning point in history Tony Kart takes place in the 80's when, with the new property, there is the transition from artisan to true karting world technology company. A change also symbolized visually by the introduction of the green color of the chassis that still characterizes the Tony Karts, which over the years have become a reference for the victories and the quality offered.