CRG 2019 road rebel kart. TM KZ-R1 Engine 125cc Shifter Kart with New Line Radiator Mychron 5 data

CRG Factory Karts


CRG, is a world leading company in the production and marketing of chassis and spare parts for karts; it was founded in 1986 building up on the experience of its promoting partners in the company Kalì-Kart dating back to the 70s. The latter started up as a small chassis manufacturing company providing products for racing enthusiasts but within a few years it became a nationally recognized reality obtaining its first Italian title in class 125cc in 1979 which was later on followed by several international wins too.

The newly born CRG established itself within the world's karting panorama thanks to a constant commitment to research and technical development of its products and in the 90s its structure was converted from craft-made production into industrial manufacturing.

The expansion of the capillary network of importers and distributors in all five continents started in the same period with a keen eye on important markets like Europe and United States. Currently there are about 100 official resellers in the world including some in emergent countries like East-Europe and Arabian Countries.

In mid 90s CRG started the development of a new line specifically dedicated to the study and design of kart engines. This new activity required an high level of specialization both in terms of production structure and personnel qualification which motivated the foundation of a separate company, named Maxter S.r.l, following the company and production restructuring that took place in year 2000.

In 2003 the company structuring was completed by the creation of Tinini Group, the head holding controlling and coordinating Maxter S.r.l. and newco CRG S.p.A., that has been focused on its core business since then. Both units have been relocated since the end of 2009 to a new industrial hub that represents even better the leadership role of the company in its sector.

Aside of the technological evolution of karts and their components, the company focused its commitment to international racing: the Racing Team showcase features a very high number of World titles, European and Continental championships as well as countless international wins in the most prestigious races.

A team of high-level professional mechanics supports works drivers during the racing weekends providing them with precious technical support while testing the newly devised products of the company through study, research and severe field testing on the most prestigious circuits.

CRG has been and still is a real champions breeding ground: this is witnessed by the high number of drivers that, thanks to their special skills went all the way up to Formula 1. Some names that have been racing with CRG colors are: Michaël Schumacher, Alessandro Zanardi, Ralf Schumacher, Giancarlo Fisichella, Nick Heidfeld, Jan Magnussen, Jos Verstappen, Giorgio Pantano, Tonio Liuzzi, Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Robert Kubica, Sébastien Buemi, Nico Hulkenberg, Pastor Maldonado, Giedo Van der Garde and many more motor-racing champions.

CRG's commitment towards technical and quality product improvement is constant over time as confirmed by the drivers that year after year bring the company on top of the championships all around the world. The passion is always the same... evolution keeps up!

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