Briggs 206 Kart Extreme World Formula 30mm 4 cycle kart chassis Boise Idaho

Extreme Kart for Briggs 206


Locally eShifter Kart offers this low cost alternative for the 206 Briggs categories. The Extreme Kart offers Italian high performance 30mm frame at the best possible value. This CIK certified chassis provides all the ingredients necessary to take competitive racers to the front. 

The Extreme chassis has many cutting edge features that allow the racer to adjust the chassis to their specific needs. Extreme chassis's include full caster/camber adjustment up front, multiple height adjustment on the rear axle, and a removable front torsion bar. The Extreme chassis easily accepts a 4 cycle engine, such as the 206 by Briggs & Stratton. 


The Righetti Ridolfi Company was founded in 1969 in Bussolengo, a small province in Verona. Thanks to the determination, skill and tirelessness of its founder, Enzo Righetti, it became a well established, small family business moulding plastic products. Mr. Righetti is among the pioneers of Italian karting. This passion, born in 1960, led him to manufacture his first kart and then he started to import spare parts for the Italian market from the U.S.A.

His enthusiasm for karting led him to start the firm in 1970 with the production of the first plastic accessories, and so combining work and pleasure in one aim. In 1972 a larger factory was required and so the firm moved to Sona, situated very near to Lake Garda. Here it expanded more and more into the plastic materials market and above all in racing kart

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The Extreme kart is manufactured in Italy with 100% Italian components. Compare to competitors such as the VLR which uses poor quality 28mm Chinese tubing but welded in Italy. 

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