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    Highlighted Products and Brands

    New-Line Radiators

    New-Line Radiators are proudly made in Italy and produce some of the best karting components along with a premier line of radiators for all of your cooling needs. We are a North American distributor and offer a full line of products. 

    The front outlet series radiators offer an easier way to connect your hoses for the Honda engines. Engineered specifically for the American market to improve the flow of water between the engine and the radiator. With the attachment set on the front end, the radiator hose has a shorter and more direct path. The USA teams who tried it have given their full approval!

    Rok Shifter Engine 125cc

    Rok Shifter was born to meet the needs of many drivers who want to compete in a category with the gearbox, but always according to the Rok philosophy: low costs and steady regulations over time.  A growing option for the KZ category and although quality control is a must, the package offers a low cost buy  and longevity with regular maintenance intervals.

    Stone Kart Stands

    Beginning with folding kart stands Stone is building great products at affordable prices. Imported from Germany with quality components and engineered for "ease of use" for the everyday kart racers. We use many Stone products for our race team and have built a longstanding relationship with the company.  One of the most popular products is the one person lifting stand. Incredible pricing and features on this compared to every other brand here in North America! Four big (never add air) Polyurethane filled tires, almost flat fold, easy to clean powder coat finish, and adjustable width frame clamps! No battery to re-charge or replace.

    IMAF Racing Produtcs

    IMAF seats are some of the finest kart racing seats, flexible for today's chassis yet ridged enough to maintain feel in your driving. The OEM Standard for many kart manufacturers. Exceptional quality with these seats, fiberglass or Silver. IMAF also produces top-quality fiber chain guards, seat mounting tools and other karting related products.

    eShifter Kart Racing Products

    Designed with the Shifter Kart in mind, our products are quality made and designed from years of experience in the sport. From pedal mounted cable holders, frame protection and exhaust mounts to innovation tools produced for our product line. We also simply offer parts for Shifter Karts other companies do not, such as the eShifter Kart Racing Products EffebiLine Electronic Radiator Curtains. You can be confident these products will help keep you on the track 

    Molecule Cleaners

    Molecule™ is the only fabric care system specifically formulated for Nomex™ material. The unique properties of the Molecule™ Protector formula bonds to Nomex™ fabric to help repel flammable stains from oil, grease, fuel, dirt, and other contaminants that may compromise the effectiveness of your racing suit. Not only does this system add another level of protection to your suit or Nomex™ underwear, it also cleans and refreshes the fabric, and helps keep colors vivid by shielding them from harmful UV rays. Molecule™ cleaning and detailing products are perfect for any kart racer. We've found these products to easily remove grease, tire residue and marks from frames and bodywork.

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