Our Latest Video Builds

Project Ripper 2017 CKR Modified Swedetech Honda

Another custom build video from eShifter Kart! Let us build your dream kart! Call us 208.384.KART (5278)


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Project Monster CRG 2016 Zuera B - IAME 175cc Super Shifter

Our build of the Monster CRG 175cc Super Shifter Kart is complete! We hope you enjoy this video taken during the day of startup. This purpose built show kart was a fun project and these 175cc 50hp engines scream! Engine was setup rich for startup but later on in the day we leaned it out and I was very impressed with each pull. Can't wait to build another!! 

Project Lightning Tony Kart Racer 401 Debei Motori ICC 125cc

Thanks for checking out our #LightningTonyKart build! This Debei Motori powered Shifter Kart is a custom build with some of the best OEM and aftermarket parts available. 100% assembled by eShifter Kart the Racer 401 is ready to hit the track! Are you looking for a custom Turn-Key shifter? Let us know how we can help you get into one of these speed machines and find a track suitable for their performance.